How many times have you wondered about organizing all your pictures into an album and failed miserably? The answer is probably way more than you're proud of.

            Everyone's always looking to capture and preserve their memories in the most creative way possible. Photobooks are your answer to every question you've ever had about organizing your pictures. They capture the magic behind your pictures beyond anything an album can do and present them to you in a custom-made book.


There are a thousand different things you can do to make your Photobook look unique.

The Photo Album

            They can be your very own photo album but just better. Begin by picking a category for your pictures like the time you went backpacking through the country or your graduation photos. Use your font to express the theme.

            If you're making a photobook about your childhood memories, try to use fonts which use crayon or chalkboard. Your photobook can be used to bring way more character and creativity by bringing your memories to life giving you more reasons to pick photobooks.

Personalize your gift

            Apart from a way more original version of an album, Photobooks can be a great last minute gift idea. They are personalized, expressive and hold way more value than a card or something bought off the shelves.

            You can gift it to your spouse or best friend or your sister with all the pictures you have together made it one of the most prized possessions on their shelves. Instead of scampering last minute for gift ideas, opt for a photobook and make your life easier and your gifts more meaningful.


            Your photobook can also be used as your very own journal. Try documenting your artwork, poetry, fashion statement or photography ideas with your photobook. Take pictures of your poems and artwork and add relevant images to enhance them in your photobook. Use of custom made fonts and themes to make a journal of your fashion ideas.

            Put together your photographs to bring out your skills and style of photography. Photobooks can be used to put out the best in your regular journals. 


In the typical case of wanderlust, get a list of all the places you want to visit and everything you want to do there. Make a listicle, attach your pictures and make yourself a checklist. Leave pages in the middle to add new pictures when you tick things off your bucket list. Try to use a ring binder to make attaching new pages easy.

            With the growth of digital photography and mobile photography, albums are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Photobooks capture the physical comfort of the album and add their unique quirk to it. They store your memories and save them from any damage.

            You can use your photobook for a million different things to bring out the creativity within you. You can use it in your proposal or to ask your date out. In can be the physical version of your Instagram. Your photobook can be anything you want it to be. The diversity in its use is what makes it so unique. So it’s time to move to the old ways and upgrade to photobooks.

So whip out your pictures once and for all and get them together into Photobooks. Let your life have the creative and colourful review it deserves!