Who are we? and why we do it?

Did you know that 1.7 Trillion photos will be captured in 2017? That is 17 followed by a dozen zeroes behind it. And did you know that 85% of those photos will be captured via mobile phones?

In a world where virtualization has taken on our lives the medium of sharing and storing Photographs has shifted to digital platforms. Sharing on social media is the only utility of photographs. But this does not necessarily mean that one has to be satisfied only with one utility of an activity that people enjoy a lot. Photographs are a way to preserve memories. They are a way to keep a part of your life stored and to cherish the good moments later. How does one cherish life’s moments when they are only stored on a hard drive and have to be watched on an electronic screen? Photographs are not supposed to be revisited in such an uninteresting manner.

To solve this problem, Pratap and Rahul started LetsDelight Technologies. We are a unique, theme & occasion based, high quality Photobook & Personalized Gifts service. Using our unique designs, high quality printing techniques and themes & occasion based designs anyone can preserve their memories forever.

We have hundreds of Photobook themes to choose from. Suitable for every occasion when a person can click photographs. Celebrated your 1st wedding anniversary? Make a photobook to preserve and cherish the memories. Went to Ladakh for the first time? Make a Photobook. Parent turning 60 years old? Give them a photobook of their life’s journey.

So what are you waiting for?